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Examples: an advantage because there are more choices to get a job; a disadvantage as things can get complicated like public transport or setting up a business; etc.
Examples: pollution of the rivers; lack of public transport across borders, being easily employed in the neighbouring country; joining forces for tourism; etc.
Examples: joint natural park; exchange of practices; effective networks, etc.
Examples: energy connectivity; different nature preservation practices in a shared river basin; etc.
Examples: low level of economic development, distance from big cities; little willingness to cooperate; little knowledge of Interreg programmes, incompatible levels of competences at regional or local level, different languages, different levels of salary etc.
Examples: to build a joint waste water treatment plant; too complex rules; not enough budget, inadequate geography, excessive controls; overlaps with othen EU programmes; too few calls for proposals; usual same beneficiaries; etc.
Examples: simpler procedures, more beneficiaries, more innovative projects, more people to people, more infrastructure, etc.
Examples: yes, we need a joint sport centre instead of none or two; yes, we need to improve navigability on international rivers; yes, we need to have the missing transport links (rail and roads, bridges...), yes, climate adaptation and risk-management measures should be done together; etc.
Examples: the decisions need to be taken more quickly and better coordinated; we need more coordination involving central government, etc.
Examples: nature protection, a joint hospital to have less transport to get to the nearest one; a network of cities that suffer from excessive tourism; a bridge over the river, a common school, etc.
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