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Life is more colourful in a greener environment

Eye-catching natural attractions, unspoiled habitats and millions of animal species, this diverse region opens up to us when we look down from the western Carpathian Mountains through the gorge valley of Crişul Repede River towards the Körös-Maros National Park. This wonderful cross-border area inspired the representatives of the Don Orione Beneficence Charity Society (RO) to […]
27 March 2023

The intervention capacity of the ROHU cross-border network on risk management in emergency situations has been improved

The CBN|ROHU72 project aims to improve the institutional cross-border cooperation network, increase interoperability, and preventive and mitigating capacity in emergency situations by addressing specific risks, ensuring resilience, and developing disaster management systems. To achieve such objectives, 5 institutions from 3 counties have joined forces within the project’s partnership, having a total budget of € 2,682,782.50, […]
14 March 2023

The realm of the Great Bustards is getting ready to welcome its visitors

The project, "Conservation, protection and promotion of the natural values from the Salonta-Békéscsaba cross border area, ROHU-14 – The Nature Corner", has only a few more activities left to complete until 30 June 2023, which will mark the end of its implementation period. Launched in March 2018, the project started as a cross-border, public-private partnership between the Municipality of Salonta (project leader), Milvus Transylvania West Association, the Municipality of Békés and Körösök Völgye Natúrpark Association from Hungary.
6 March 2023

StopGerms: battling infections

The Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated to all of us that we are not prepared well enough to prevent an epidemic. However, what we can do is to limit the spread of infectious diseases by applying swift response measures, as required.
23 September 2021

Are you sure your hands are clean? Learning the correct techniques for washing and sanitizing hands in the schools of Hódmezővásárhely and Makó, within the project ROHU-361

Starting with November 2019, Arad County Council, together with Csongrád-Csanád County Health Care Center - Hódmezővásárhely - Makó is implementing the project ROHU- 361 “Joint prevention and surveillance of infectious diseases and hospital-acquired infections in Arad, Makó and Hódmezővásárhely”.
29 July 2021

HEARTS & LIVES: Healthier Together

By their nature, health issues go beyond the limits of the borders between countries. The ROHU 401 HEARTS & LIVES project provides all conditions for a joint approach of health-related needs emerging on both sides of the border.
23 July 2021

Telemedicine is the future

The improvement of health services has been a steady concern for the counties in the border area between Romania and Hungary. The work performed by the specialists in this area has been supported through the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme, which makes such opportunities available to them in order to be able to work together for the best interest of the local communities.
22 July 2021

The 38th project funded under the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme has been completed

April 30, 2021 marked the completion of the project ROHU-54 "RiskMan- Cooperation on risk prevention and disaster management in the Zerind - Újkígyós cross-border area".
10 May 2021

The 37th project financed within the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme has been completed

March 31, 2021, marked the completion of the ROHU-84 Project “CROSSRISKS - Integrated cross-border approach for improving the cooperation and joint preparedness on risk prevention and disaster management at the level of Bihor Hajdu-Bihar Euroregion”, which is the 37th completed project, funded under the Interreg VA Romania-Hungary Program.
5 April 2021

Joint training centre for Romanian and Hungarian firefighters (ROHU-84)

Common needs, identified on both sides of the border area, bring communities together, in order to jointly tackle these shared challenges, using a cross-border perspective. This is the case of the firefighters from Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar counties, who managed to establish a close and long-lasting cooperation in the field of risk prevention and disaster management.
10 February 2021

Cooperating on risk prevention and disaster management (ROHU-11)

One thing that people living in the towns situated on the shores of the Mureş river have learned better than others throughout history is how to protect their homes from the fury of the water.
4 February 2021

European Territorial Cooperation programmes, the chance for small communities (ROHU-41)

Two rural communities situated on the Romanian-Hungarian border provide an example of smooth cooperation when confronted with the same challenge: the management of emergency response services in case of fire. This is the story of two communes: Valcani (Romania) and Földeák (Hungary).
2 February 2021

ROHU-280 Co-Cultured: United through culture

Finished, but not ended! The 1-year-long project, Cultural Cooperation among Citizens from the Salonta-Gyula Cross-border Area (Co-Cultured) - ROHU-280 has reached its final milestone on the 31st of October 2019, the project’s end date.
3 December 2019

ROHU-14 launched the "Nature without Borders" competition for schoolchildren!

Milvus Group is inviting teachers to take part with their teams in the most challenging contest about the mysterious bustard and the natural values around us!
21 November 2019

Nature Conservation Volunteer Camp - ROHU-115

The participants of the camp were accommodated in the Ökotúra guesthouse and camping, located in the village of Hortobágy. 20 Hungarian and 20 Romanian young people volunteered to participate in this camp, undertaking environmental conservation activities.
7 November 2018

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