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The improvement of health services has been a steady concern for the counties in the border area between Romania and Hungary. The work performed by the specialists in this area has been supported through the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme, which makes such opportunities available to them in order to be able to work together for the best interest of the local communities. This is also the case of the ROHU-386 CBC-HOSPEQUIP project, through which the “Dr Gavril Curteanu” Oradea Municipal Hospital and the Békés County Central Hospital joined their forces in order to modernize their medical equipment and to provide better medical services to their patients.

“The experts from the two hospitals will set down the protocols and the teams of doctors who will be part of cross-border exchange of experience in various areas of specialization. The exchange of knowledge is highly useful for the improvement of medical practice” explained Mrs Ioana Popa, the project manager on behalf of the Romanian team. The funds allocated to the CBC -HOSPE QUIP project amount to 2.51 million EUR (ERDF).

The two hospitals will be making investments in modern surgical and diagnostic equipment with these amounts. Also, two telemedicine systems will be procured, as the doctors will have the possibility to provide diagnostics remotely, by communicating swiftly and effectively with the patients, as well as with their counterparts over the border. “Throughout these projects, we strive to implement programmes that are able to provide the doctors as well as other professionals in the health sector with the opportunity to supply customized and integrated health services. In cooperation with the medical staff from the two hospitals, we aim to implement teamwork between the specialized practitioners working in these institutions, by developing online communication and meetings. This type of teamwork shall contribute to the development and improvement in the quality of care for our patients. These institutions organize methods of cooperation that provide a possibility to supply preventive, diagnostic and treatment services in due time, by designing joint protocols relying on the same principles, by using state-of-the-art technology and by sharing the latest knowledge available in this sector in both countries”, told us the representatives of the Hungarian team.

Both partners have already initiated the tender proceedings for the procurement of equipment. Several training sessions are to be hosted by the two hospitals, however, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these meetings were rescheduled for September- October 2020.

Once implemented, the project will be providing the doctors with the required equipment and vocational training in order to increase accessibility and quality of health services, while the patients will be benefiting from an additional assurance that their lives are placed in good hands. No less than 180,000 inhabitants on both sides of the border will be benefiting from improved medical services while six healthcare departments will be equipped with modern devices.

ROHU 386

ERDF Contribution (EUR ): 2.511.187,30
Lead beneficiary: “Dr. Gavril Curteanu” Oradea Municipal Hospital (Romania)
Project partner: Békés County Central Hospital (Hungary)


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