The realm of the Great Bustards is getting ready to welcome its visitors

The project, "Conservation, protection and promotion of the natural values from the Salonta-Békéscsaba cross border area, ROHU-14 – The Nature Corner", has only a few more activities left to complete until 30 June 2023, which will mark the end of its implementation period.

Launched in March 2018, the project started as a cross-border, public-private partnership between the Municipality of Salonta (project leader), Milvus Transylvania West Association, the Municipality of Békés and Körösök Völgye Natúrpark Association from Hungary.

The project’s main activities focus on three areas: tourism, nature conservation, education and awareness-raising, all devised to protect the Great Bastards, a critically endangered (CR) specie in Romania and classified as vulnerable (VU) globally.

In 2022, the Municipality of Salonta, the project leader, carried out significant activities to protect and showcase the local natural values (video on results available here) such as:

  • Completed the construction of a visitor center in Salonta (near the exit to Arad on DN79/E671, on the right);
  • Built a bridge over a wetland (eutrophic lake);
  • Completed the construction of an observation tower;
  • Built a bikeway to the observation tower.

Visitors will be able to find out more about the natural and cultural values on the outskirts of Salonta either by walking or cycling. By the end of the project, 23 information boards will be placed along the four themed trails and a guide of these routes will be printed in three languages (Romanian, Hungarian and English).

On a final note, we invite you to watch here a few retrospective footages with great bustards captured during 2022 in Salonta.

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