The Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme is managed and supported by a series of different bodies, responsible to ensures that funds are spent in the best possible way.

In the description below, you can see which are those structures. The Joint Secretariat, together with each county’s Info Point office on the Hungarian side, works directly with applicants and project beneficiaries.

The Managing Authority (MA) is the body responsible for managing the Programme on behalf of the participating partner countries. MA has competencies and responsibilities regarding the selection of operations, the financial management and control of the Programme and the certification of expenditures. The designated Managing Authority of the Programme is the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration in Romania.

The National Authority (NA) of the Programme is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary. The NA in cooperation with the Managing Authority is performing relevant activities in Hungary in order to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the programme. The NA establishes the national requirements and conditions for the Programme implementation and ensures they are in line with Programme’s provisions and principles.

The Monitoring Committee (MC) – consisting of representatives of each participating country – supervises the implementation of the Programme and selects projects to be financed. Its overall task is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of programme implementation assisted by the Joint Secretariat. The list of MC members can be downloaded here. The list of MC decisions can be downloaded here.

The Audit Authority (AA) ensures that audits are carried out on the management and control systems, on an appropriate sample of operations and on the annual accounts. The AA will be assisted by a Group of Auditors (GoA) comprising representatives from responsible bodies of each Partner State. The designated Audit Authority of the Programme is the Romanian Court of Accounts.

The Joint Secretariat is established in order to contribute to the daily implementation of the Programme, as well as to assist the MA in its coordination and implementation activities. Further on, shall support the work of the other Programme’s management bodies, fulfilling Programme-implementation related tasks.

Transparency: statements regarding conflicts of interest are available here.

Info Points (IPs) are set up in each of the Hungarian counties, within the county councils, in separate structures, with the aim to complement the activities of the JS at the local level. They provide updated information and professional help to applicants and beneficiaries and contribute in the accomplishment of the JS delegated tasks for implementing the Programme.

Transparency: statements regarding conflicts of interest are available here.

First Level Control bodies (FLC) are designated by each Partner State to ensure the compliance of expenditure incurred by the national project partners with Community and national rules, by carrying out appropriate verifications, covering administrative, financial, technical and physical aspects of operations. Controllers shall be nominated in line with the national provisions of each Partner State.

Monitoring Systems


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