Projects implementation:


Guidance from the European Commission on using the public procurement framework in the emergency situation related to the COVID-19 crisis(April 1, 2020)

MA Instruction no. 1 – for all partners

MA Instruction no. 2 – for all partners

MA Instruction no. 3 – for all partners

MA Instruction no.4 – for all partners

MA Instruction no.5 – for all partners – ANNULLED (18.03.2019)

MA Instruction no.6 – for all partners

MA Instruction no.7 – for all partners

Annex 1_MA Instruction 7

MA Instruction no.8 – for all partners

MA Instruction no. 9 – for all partners


Project Implementation Manual Official version 4 – September 2019 – NEW!

PIM – modifications with version 4 – September 2019

Annexes 1.A and 2.A – state aid

Annex 2 – FLC Package for RO beneficiaries

 Annex 3 – FLC Package for HU beneficiaries

Annex 4 Procedure for Romanian private beneficiaries regarding the assignment of supplies, services and works contracts financed within Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme


Project modification request through Notification_template

Project modification request through Addendum_template


1.Public procurement – for RO partners

2.Transparency of project results – for all partners

3.Opening treasury accounts – for RO partners

 4.Public procurement procedure -for RO partners with private status

  5. Responsabilities regarding information and communication activities – for all partners

 6. Public procurement in the context of cross-border partnership – for RO partners
7. Important information on how to prepare Project Reports – for all Lead beneficiaries

8. Information regarding Partner Reports – for all partners

9. The recovery of VAT from other sources – for all partners

10. The interpretation of Instruction no. 6/18.03.2019-for all partners

11. Normative acts on the prevention, detection and sanctioning of irregularities – for RO partners

12. Regarding the actions allowed during the suspension of the financing contracts


Public procurement contracts concluded within projects(old)