Joint training centre for Romanian and Hungarian firefighters (ROHU-84)

Common needs, identified on both sides of the border area, bring communities together, in order to jointly tackle these shared challenges, using a cross-border perspective. This is the case of the firefighters from Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar counties, who managed to establish a close and long-lasting cooperation in the field of risk prevention and disaster management.
10 February 2021

Cooperating on risk prevention and disaster management (ROHU-11)

One thing that people living in the towns situated on the shores of the Mureş river have learned better than others throughout history is how to protect their homes from the fury of the water.
4 February 2021

Interreg Volunteer Youth, IVY initiative continues in 2021

Are you a project beneficiary of Interreg? Are you looking for a volunteer to support, promote and report the achievements of your cooperation project? Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) is the answer!
4 February 2021

European Territorial Cooperation programmes, the chance for small communities (ROHU-41)

Two rural communities situated on the Romanian-Hungarian border provide an example of smooth cooperation when confronted with the same challenge: the management of emergency response services in case of fire. This is the story of two communes: Valcani (Romania) and Földeák (Hungary).
2 February 2021

Monitoring Systems


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