PRIORITY 2: Cooperation for a more social and cohesive programme area between Romania and Hungary

Specific objective (SO) 4.5
Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care
Examples of actions supported (non-exhaustive list):
- Analysis of trends, needs, standards and barriers to cooperation for health-care services in the programme area (PA), including health status of the population
- Developing (transnational/cross-border) Action Plans and development strategies in the field of health (including joint response and civil protection mobilisation)
- Joint capacity building and exchange of experience for public employees and civil society in the field of health-care services
- Networks to exchange good practices, and peer learning in the field of health-care services
- Investment in infrastructure, equipment, IT software /hardware, support of eGovernance in the field of health
- Joint demonstrative/ innovative projects in the field of health, including exploring the opportunities for cross-border treatment, and (where possible) contributing to the reduction of cross-border obstacles (simplifying administrative procedures) relating to the health-oriented services
Expected change:
Increased resilience, personalisation, and quality of the health care sector thanks to cooperation.
Specific objective (SO) 4.6
Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion, and social innovation
Examples of actions supported (non-exhaustive list):
- Identification of possibilities for making the tourism offer sustainable or creating new sustainable tourism products of public interest (i.e. analysis of trends, mapping resources, assessing barriers to cooperation)
- Identification and mapping of natural and cultural heritage, and/or development of joint promotion and conservation strategies (in line with the European Quality principles for EU-funded Interventions with potential impact upon Cultural Heritage)
- Territorial marketing initiatives on local resources and traditions
- Capacity building and exchange of experience among cross-border actors, including in support of green and digital transformation, resilience and sustainability needs
- Involving local authorities and communities to build up intercultural and transcultural ties with different partners (skills development, educational content and cultural initiatives, joint events etc.)
- Improving the interpretation / adopting innovative methods for joint territorial marketing through “Storytelling models” (“Living history” and “Living heritage”)
- Development of sustainable joint tourism offers and products incl. investments, embedded into joint tourism strategies for local development
- Joint actions for innovative solutions and the creation of thematic routes for the protection and valorisation of cultural/rural/natural/religious heritage/ecotourism
- Promoting joint initiatives connected with the New European Bauhaus (i.e. using arts and culture for social inclusion, enriching spaces with digital cultural heritage, bottom-up social innovation initiatives, etc)
Expected change:
Development of a common vision for the joint promotion of common cultural and natural heritage, including cultural initiatives and the development of tourism sites and tourism niches.

Monitoring Systems


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