Facts and figures about the Calls with application phase completed

The Programme’s entire financial allocation, i.e. 177,790,352.00 EUR ERDF has been already launched, in the framework of three rounds of Calls, starting with December 2016 and ending with the two Calls launched in November 2017.

3 Calls out of a total number of 7 have the application phase already completed and are undergoing evaluation.

The breakdown per counties and requested ERDF amount can be consulted in the following table:


County No of partners/county  Requested  ERDF (EUR) /county Launched ERDF (Euro)

1st Open Call

Bihor 40 17.613.526,76  





Arad 10 6.113.656,45
Satu Mare 26 9.520.080,82
Timiș 11 4.208.083,84
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg 19 5.292.521,39
Hajdú-Bihar 19 6.052.559,41
Békés 25 6.734.201,02
Csongrád 13 3.525.616,12
Out of the eligible programme area 3 1.570.369,47

2nd  Open Call

Bihor 51 9.017.348,49  





Arad 33 8.059.466,21
Satu Mare 28 3.259.935,73
Timiş 23 1.048.166,20
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg 33 1.637.724,75
Hajdú-Bihar 48 1.697.148,04
Békés 35 3.943.420,99
Csongrád 28 2.492.949,10

2nd      Restricted Call

Bihor 7 7.303.034,83  





Arad 1 849.999,15
Satu Mare 3 15.052.419,65
Timiş 5 15.514.893,27
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg 2 2.017.049,69
Hajdú-Bihar 1 750.000,33
Békés 4 15.097.246,02
Csongrád 2 8.009.470,10


The Investment priorities (Ips) opened within the 1st Open Call are the following: 6/b –Water sector, 6/c –Natural heritage and 5/b –Disaster management. The total number of the applications submitted was 60 and the requested ERDF was 60,630,615.28 EUR.

Within the 2nd Open Call, the following Ips were launched: 6/b –Water sector, 7/c - Environmentally-friendly transport systems, and 11/b Cooperation between citizens and institutions. Altogether 115 projects were submitted and 31,156,159.51 EUR ERDF was requested.

The 1st Restricted Call has been re-launched on October 2017, since none of the submitted projects passed the administrative compliance and eligibility check.

Regarding the 2nd Restricted Call, the Ip made available for projects was 9/a - Health infrastructure, the number of submitted projects was 6 and the amount requested was 64,594,113.04 EUR ERDF.

3 Calls are now active: 1st Restricted Call, re-launched and the 3rd round of Calls, Open and Restricted, with deadlines in December 2017, respectively January 2018.

The Monitoring Committee will make the decision regarding the financing of the projects in the framework of the programme.


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