New financing contracts concluded in the frame of the Programme

The Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme announces the signing, by the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration in Romania, as Managing Authority, of 3 new financing contracts, for projects falling under state aid, receiving funding under the 3rd Open Call.  

Also, it was signed the financing contract for the strategic project ROHU-452, being financed in the frame of the 3rd Restricted Call.

The 4 contracted projects have a total value of EUR 13,197,684.00, out of which EUR 11, 218,031.40 from the European Regional Development Fund

The allocation of ERDF funding for the 4 new contracts concluded is of EUR 4,024,993.95 for Romanian beneficiaries, respectively EUR 7,193,037.45 for Hungarian beneficiaries.

The contracted projects fall under Investment Priority 8/b, supporting the effective growth of employment by developing endogenous potential as part of the territorial strategy for specific areas, including the conversion of declining industrial regions, improving accessibility and developing specific natural and cultural resources.

We wish success to all beneficiaries with their projects and we assure them of our full support in the implementation of the actions planned, in order to achieve their established objectives.

For details on the 4 contracted projects, click here.

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