Managing Authority on-site, meeting the strategic partners in the Programme area

During October - November 2021, the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat performed a series of on-site visits in the eligible area. The first priority was to meet the strategic partners of the Programme, members of the Monitoring Committee for the 2014+ period and of the Programming Committee for 2020+, namely the county councils of Arad, Bihor, Csongrád-Csanád, Békés, Hajdú-Bihar,  Satu Mare, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Timiș. The agenda focused on the highlights of the current Programme implementation, but more importantly on the perspectives of the new Programme, currently under development.  Projects of strategic importance, the financial allocation for the future Cooperation Programme and the performance framework were discussed. Mr Dan Bălănescu, the Head of the Managing Authority for the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme, re-confirmed the priorities of the Programme towards the development of the cross-border region, through sustainable yet innovative initiatives. The open communication and a flexible but correct approach are also tools for further cooperation on the Romanian-Hungarian border. The representatives of the eight county councils have actively responded to the call of the Managing Authority and committed to the development of a new generation of flagship projects, for the benefit of the border area.

The tour also included site visits at several projects under implementation.

ROHU-14, The nature corner – “Conservation, protection and promotion of the natural values from the Salonta-Békéscsaba crossborder area” is a project aiming towards the improvement of the conservation status of the protected areas in the Salonta- Békés cross-border region, and towards increasing the population awareness regarding the sustainable use of natural heritage. To achieve these important aims, the cities of Salonta in Bihor County and Békés in Békés County, partnered up with 2 associations activating in the field of environmental protection Milvus Transylvania West Association and Körösök Valley Nature Park Association. More than 2,54 million euro from ERDF was allocated to this project, for the creation of 2 visitor centres in the cities of Salonta and Békés, for caring out ecological restauration actions and awareness-raising events, and for determining ways in which better conservation can be achieved for the local protected species.

ROHU-380, Verba Docent– “Adult education in the field of healthy life and sustainable living environment”, a cooperation project in the field of increasing the employment within the eligible area, implemented by the Excelsior NGO, the Association for the Promotion of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Banat and Crișana (R0) and Körös-Maros Foundation for Rural Development and Eco-Agriculture (HU). The project consists in the construction of 2 adult education centers and targets 960 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint training, through 33 courses in different domains, such as agriculture, informatics and sports, as well as 8 job fairs.

ROHU-208, AQUALITY – “Improving Quality Management of Cross-border Rivers: Criș (Körös), Mureș (Maros) and Tisa (Tisza)”, which aims at improving the water quality in the main rivers from the cross-border region. As operators of the public water systems in Arad and Csongrád-Csanád counties, Arad Water Company and Szeged Waterworks, together with the Local Government of Algyő, are jointly implementing large scale investments in the waterworks sector, within this cooperation project, with a total budget of over 4 million euro, out of which more than 2,54 mil euro are financed from the ERDF. The 6 wastewater treatment plants will ensure that the water quality of the main cross border rivers is improved, in 6 measuring points.  

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