We’ve been visited by the representatives of the European Commission!

Between 17-18 May we had the pleasure to host the visit of our colleagues from the European Commission (EC), namely Mr. Pascal BOIJMANS, Head of Unit - Interreg, Cross-Border Cooperation, Internal Borders (DG Regio), and Ms. Anna-Monika MODZELEWSKA, our ROHU Programme’s desk officer.

The EC representatives were greeted by Mr. Dan BĂLĂNESCU, the Head of the Managing Authority (MA) and Mrs. HORVÁTH Nikoletta, on behalf of the National Authority (HUNA). Mrs. Livia BANU, Executive Director of BRECO and Mrs. Monica TEREAN, the Head of the Joint Secretary, accompanied the guests throughout the stay.

On the occasion, besides the analysis of the current Programme’s implementation status, 4 investment objectives, financed either under strategic or normal projects, were visited on both sides of the border. In Debrecen, on-site visits were performed to the Romanian-Hungarian cross-border cultural incubator for performing arts (ROHU 445) and the Romanian-Hungarian Cross-Border Education Centre of Cultural and Historical Heritage (ROHU 446), while in Oradea, the History, Ethnography and Art sections, as well as the Conference Hall renovated within “Țării Crișurilor” Museum (ROHU 446) were presented to the delegation. A guided tour of the newly inaugurated automated medical analysis laboratory of the County Clinical Emergency Hospital Oradea (ROHU 357) was also organized.

Glancing to the future, aspects regarding the new Interreg VI-A Romania-Hungary Programme, submitted to the European Commission on April 1st, 2022 were discussed in the context of technical/networking meetings held. Among the topics on the agenda were the operations of strategic importance proposals, the partnership principle and the administrative capacity building.

Our guests were impressed by the natural and cultural heritage of the visited area, especially by the rich Art-Nouveau Heritage and appreciated the Programme’s and beneficiaries’ endeavors to jointly develop a harmonized cross-border region, through operations addressing common challenges and through close cooperation in the context of current and future ROHU Interreg Programmes.

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