170 project proposals were submitted under the First Open Call for SOFT projects launched by the Interreg VI-A Romania-Hungary Programme

On 28 June 2023, the Interreg VI-A Romania-Hungary Programme launched its First Open Call for proposals, comprising two components - SOFT projects (which do not include infrastructure elements requiring a building permit) and HARD projects (for which a building permit is required). The total budget of the call is of EUR 53,521,942, out of which EUR 42,817,554 represents ERDF funding.

Within the call, there were different deadlines for the two components: proposals for HARD projects can be submitted by  December 27th, 2023, while for SOFT projects the deadline was September 27th, 2023.

After the closure of the SOFT project proposal component, within the Interreg VI-A Romania-Hungary Programme were submitted 170 applications in the fields of: renewable energy (specific objective SO 2.2) - 7 project proposals, adaptation to climate change (SO 2.4) - 14 project proposals, biodiversity (SO 2.7) - 16 project proposals, health care (SO 4.5) - 15 project proposals, culture and tourism (SO 4.6) - 21 project proposals. In addition, 97 project proposals were submitted for people-to-people actions under Interreg Specific Objective 6.3.

The evaluation process of the submitted SOFT project proposals will take place in the coming period. We invite you to follow the Programme's website for more information.

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