ROHU VI-A InfoDay Caravan

The ROHU VI-A Information Day caravan, organized between 03 - 13 July in all 8 county seats of the Programme Area, was met with great interest: 288 participants joined the events.   

The presentation of the active 1st Open Call (download link below) provided potential applicants with comprehensive information on the requirements, guidelines, and specific objectives of the Call.  

To make sure the participants clearly understood the application process, eligibility rules, budget-related aspects, and Call specific requirements, question-and-answer sessions were organized during the events, thus, the potential applicants gained a broader perspective of the Call. 

As learning is easier through examples, ROHU project beneficiaries were invited to share their experiences. These storytelling interactions, highly appreciated, facilitated an environment of knowledge exchange, as participants could gather insights and valorise each others’ experiences, enhancing thus the quality of individual proposals, but also fostering a sense of community and cooperation among potential applicants. 

According to the Slido surveys conducted during each InfoDay, people-to-people, and cultural projects raised the greatest interest among participants.   

When asked about the first word that comes into their mind when thinking about cross-border cooperation keywords like community, mutual trust, collaboration, shared benefits, joint scope, and development were mentioned on each occasion.  Glad to see so many positive associations which also define the added value of a ROHU project.  

Your project proposals are expected with great interest! 

RO Info Day presentation

HU Info Day presentation

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