The Territorial Analysis was approved by the Programming Committee

The Territorial Analysis (TA) is the strategic document based on which the future Interreg Programme between Romania and Hungary, for the period 2021-2027, is elaborated.

An important progress in the programming process is the approval, on March 10, 2021, of the Territorial Analysis by the Programming Committee, the body that ensures the quality and efficiency of the preparation and adoption of the future Programme between Romania and Hungary.

As effective programming is based on the professional experience and valuable contribution of all stakeholders, relevant actors have been involved in the process of developing the Territorial Analysis, representing local and regional authorities, public institutions and NGOs from the eight counties, as well as relevant central authorities Romania and Hungary – acting in different fields, such as public administration, environmental protection, transport, education, healthcare, economic and academic environment. The fruitful discussions led to a comprehensive picture of the real needs in the cooperation area and to the consolidation and completion of this important document.

The activities for the preparation of the future Interreg Programme between Romania and Hungary continue, the programming process taking place according to the established calendar.

The full text of the Territorial Analysis can be consulted here.

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