New European Bauhaus - Applicants guide on the possibilities of joining the initiative

The New European Bauhaus will be a driving force to bring the European Green Deal to life in an attractive, and innovative and human-centred way. It will be a movement based on sustainability, accessibility, and aesthetics to bring the European Green Deal closer to people and make recycling, renewable energies and biodiversity natural. - Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

The core values and working principles of the New European Bauhaus’ (NEB) innovative framework act as a new horizontal principle in the Interreg ROHU VI-A programme’s framework. 

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the NEB initiated by the European Commission, aiming to combine sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics, by bringing together citizens and experts, art and science, theory, and practice to create positive changes for a more liveable and sustainable green future.

NEB is an interdisciplinary tool, grounded in these 3 core values and creates a bridge between 4 thematic axes:

  • NATURE: reconnecting with nature,
  • TOGETHERNESS: regaining a sense of belonging,
  • PRIORITISE: prioritising the places and people that need it most, and
  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY: the need for long-term, life-cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem.

Putting NEB principles into practice is also extremely important in cross-border cooperation programmes: sustainable developments are needed in border regions that build on the value-added use of local characteristics and are accepted and supported by the local community.

The aim of this publication is therefore to help the applicants of cross-border cooperation programmes to plan and implement projects that are in line with the NEB initiative, accept its core values and follow its working principles.

The guide offers help by providing answers to questions like:

  • What is NEB?
  • What values does a NEB project follow?
  • How to plan a NEB project?

Developing a NEB project requires a participatory process, multi-level engagement and a transdisciplinary approach, acting as a procedural framework, which are also presented in detail.

In addition, the guide contains several examples of prize-winning good practices and a checklist that will assist you in assessing the extent to which your own initiative meets the expectations and values of NEB.

Download the Applicants guide on the possibilities of joining the initiative New European Bauhaus.

For more examples and further details on NEB read The NEB Compass, available here.

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