Define your project budget co-financing properly!

When filling out Jems co-financing section, please use the tool we've prepared to help you correctly define the amounts and related percentages on sources of financing.

Special attention is to be paid to relevant ERDF thresholds (EUR 2 million for P1&2 and EUR 200,000 for P3) at project level.

Projects exceeding a TOTAL budget of EUR 2,5 million/250,000 shall cover the difference from own resources. That means that a different percentage of ERDF co-financing shall be applied (than the ordinary 80%), and the national co-financing shall not exceed:

  • 22.5% in case of RO partners
  • 18.75% in case of HU partners 
  • 25% in case of RO/HU central budgetary entities of the partner's ERDF amount.

Use this table to fill in / verify the relevant Jems section.

Success in finalizing your applications!


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