Summary of the events held for the beneficiaries of the 2nd Open Call

Between February 11 and March 06, 2019, the JS together with the IPs and the RO and HU FLC Units organized a series of events dedicated to the beneficiaries of the 2nd Open Call. Altogether, 4 Beneficiary seminars (in Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Oradea and Timișoara) and 4 eMS training events (in Nyíregyháza, Satu Mare, Arad and Szeged) were held in each of the counties comprising the Programme area, with the assistance of the MA.

During the events, participants got the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in relation to project implementation, with special regard to the following issues: the rights and obligations deriving from the signing of the subsidy contracts, including information regarding communication activities and the dissemination of project results, as well as practical advice on project implementation, first level control requirements and reporting in the eMS.

A total number of 248 participants from both countries attended the happenings.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone for making these events successful, and we wish good luck to all project partners for the period ahead!

Presentations can be downloaded below:


RO Version HU Version
1. Implementarea activităților de comunicare 1. Kommunikációs tevékenységek
2. Implementarea/raportarea proiectelor 2. Megvalósítás/ jelentéstétel 
3. Prezentare CPN 3. Hazai társfinanszírozási és uniós megelőlegezési szerződés (Msz)
4. CPN - eligibilitate cheltuieli 4. Hazai társfinanszírozási és uniós megelőlegezési szerződés (Bcs)


1 2 3

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