Facts and figures on project generation activities

Lately, the JS has been very busy meeting with potential project applicants interested in the active CfPs and also in the upcoming ones. In the past 5 months, we have travelled all across the eligible area and met more than 1260 people, on 73 occasions, in 30 localities.

Before the launching of the 2 CfPs, in November and December 2016, we met 160 people, in the framework of different events.

Already at the beginning of February, 2017 our Info Days events and Partner Search Forum gathered 527 participants, from both Romania and Hungary.

We reached the peak of interest in late February and during March, when we met altogether 580 people, in the context of project generation sessions organized by JS, on events or meetings held by different institutions, during individual/group and online help desk meetings, as well as with the occasion of the eMS tutorial sessions, at the premises of JS.

These figures indicate a high interest towards the Programme, which hopefully will result in numerous and qualitative project proposals submitted by the applicants.

Good luck with your project development and keep on cooperating everyone.

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