Missing documents which lead to the rejection of the application

Dear applicants, we do our best to facilitate your access to the public funds. Therefore, please be advised that your application needs to be formally compliant.

In this regard, please check the relevant sections of the Guides for Applicants, to see which are the documents that if not attached, lead to immediate rejection of your project proposal.

In case any of the followings are not submitted, the application will be subject to rejection:

- Partnership Declaration (in case of Open CfP) or Pre-agreement of project applicants (in case of Restricted CfP) ;

- Project (Lead) Applicant Declaration;

- Original specimen of signature containing the method of representation of the legally authorized representative(s) of the applicant organizations/institutions certified by a public notary, in case of HU applicants.

- Justifying document stating the method of representation (according to the national legislation) in case of RO applicants;

- Letter of empowerment (if the case), for RO applicants: signed and stamped by the legal representative of the applicant institution and for HU applicants: certified by a public notary.

 Any other requested document, if missing, will be asked as completion by the Programme. 

Please be advised that in case of projects submitted within the Restricted CfP, the absence of the Compliance Letter does not lead to the immediate rejection of the project!

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