Summary of the Info Days in Romania and Hungary and of the Partner Search Forum

Between February 06-09, 2017 the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme organized a series of four Information seminars, in Oradea (06.02.2017), Debrecen (07.02.2017), Szeged (08.02.2017) and Arad (09.02.2017), for each of the two active Calls for proposals.

In total, a number of 428 people from both countries attended the events, in order to get detailed information on the programme, the investment priorities launched, possible supported activities, requirements for projects, the assessment procedures and about the preparation and submission of the applications in the electronic monitoring system, eMS.

The seminars were organized and held by the Joint Secretariat (JS) with the assistance of the Managing Authority (MA).

During the events, participants got the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about their project ideas, eligibility criteria, potential partnerships and possibilities to apply for the programme funding.

The series of events ended in Timișoara, on February 10, with a Partner Search Forum, which brought together 99 people, all interested in finding the perfect project partner.

Should you have any questions about programme requirements or preparation of the applications, feel free to contact the JS.

More events, for new Calls for proposals to be launched, are planned to be organised in the following months.

Good luck and keep on cooperating everyone!

Presentations for download:

Info Days, RO and HU versions of the presentations

Partner Search Forum, EN version of the presentations

February 14, 2017

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