Summary of the 3rd round of Info Days and of the Partner Search Forum

We are happy to announce that with the launching of the 3rd round of Calls, the entire remaining Programme financial allocation, i.e.  90,595,062.00 EUR ERDF, has been made available, for both normal and strategic projects.

In this context, the Programme organised, between November 06-10, 2017, a series of 8 Information seminars, 1 for each of the two active Calls, in 4 different locations and a Partner Search Forum, for the Open Call.

A total number of 228 participants, from both countries attended the events.

197 people joined the Info Days in Arad (06.11.2017), Szeged (07.11.2017), Oradea (08.11.2017) and Debrecen (09.11.2017) and got detailed information about the 3rd round of active Calls, for both normal and strategic projects.

During the events, participants got familiar with the requirements of the Calls, the eMS system, were informed about the fact that certain activities within projects might fall under State aid incidence and had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about their project ideas, eligibility criteria, potential partnerships, and possibilities to apply for the programme funding.

The series of events ended in Oradea, on November 10, with a Partner Search Forum, which brought together 31 people, all interested in finding project partners.

The events were organized and held by the Joint Secretariat (JS) and the Info Points (IPs) in Hungary, with the assistance of the Managing Authority (MA) and Hungarian National Authority (HU NA).

Should you have questions about programme requirements or about the preparation of the applications, feel free to contact the JS or the IPs.

In addition, for the Romanian applicants interested to learn more regarding State aid, the JS created a dedicated e-mail address:, where questions can be sent, in order to get appropriate answers and recommendations.

The Hungarian applicants are invited to contact the Info Points in Hungary for further information on State aid helpdesk in Hungary.

Good luck and keep on cooperating everyone!

Presentations for download below:

Info Days

  Al 3-lea Apel Deschis      Al 3-lea Apel Restrans  Harmadik Nyílt pályázati felhívás Harmadik pályázati felhívás Stratégiai projektek
eMS -AF pentru Apelul Deschis   eMS -AF pentru Apelul Restrans
Pályázati űrlap a III. Nyílt pályázati felhívás esetében Pályázati űrlap a
III. Stratégia pályázati felhívás esetén
Aspecte privind ajutorul de stat în cadrul celui de-al treilea apel deschis  Aspecte privind ajutorul de stat în cadrul celui de-al treilea apel restrâns  Állami támogatási szempontok a 3. Nyílt pályázati felhívásban     Állami támogatási szempontok a 3. Stratégiai pályázati felhívásban


Partner Search Forum

Sumar Apel Deschis / Harmadik Nyílt felhívás Principiul beneficiarului principal /vezető kedvezményezett elv     Comunicarea eficientă – cheia succesului / hatékony kommunikáció - a siker kulcs          Frequent mistakes filling in the Application Form



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Monitoring Systems


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